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10/03/2019-2507590Bodega Bay Marine Lab Soil Removal and Remediation
09/24/2019-2507550Campus Elevator Modernization Rebid
08/14/2019-9532800Briggs Hall Roof and Electrical Renovations
08/13/2019-9573950Student-Athlete Performance Center
06/19/2019-2700070TP3 Water Intrusion Repairs 2019
06/06/2019-2831620Campus Pavement Maintenance 2019
05/15/2019-2507690 Wellman Hall Classroom Renovations – 2019
05/03/2019-2507530 Steam Vault Repairs
05/02/2019-9574330Silo Re-Roof and Seismic Improvements
04/17/2019-9534900Athletics Practice Field
02/13/2019-9522100La Rue Road Bridge Replacement
02/04/2019-9523100Chemistry Seismic and Life Safety Corrections - Chemistry Annex Seismic
01/17/2019-9574320GBSF Room 4610 Lab Renovation
12/20/2018-9529300Electrical Substation Transformer Addition
12/07/2018-9534700Shields Library Room 167 Renovation
11/27/2018-JOC 2018-02Renovation Job Order Contract
11/13/2018-9574460 Hickey Gym Suite 164 Research Space Renovation
11/08/2018-9573200 & 9572840 CNPRC Modular Site Package


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