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   Central Plant Chiller & Cooling Tower Renewal

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  Description: Demolish 2 existing steam absorption chillers and 1 each steam driven centrifugal water chiller in Plant C chiller room. Demolish 1 each 3-cell cooling tower serving the existing Plant C chiller system. Install 1 each 2,500-ton new electrically driven centrifugal water chiller. Install 1 each 1-cell cooling tower to serve the new chiller. Install new condenser water and chilled water pumps. Install a new 12 kV electrical service from the new S2 Sub-station to the Central Plant to serve the new Plant C chiller.

  Project ManagerPablo Orozco
  Design TeamCapital Engineering Consultants, Inc.
  Size0 Gross Sq. Ft.
  0 Assignable Sq. Ft.
  Project Budget$7,000,000
  Current PhaseConstruction Phase
  Anticipated Occupancy
  Page Last Updated10/29/2009
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